Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today i went to Auditorium ACC HTAR, the talk is about Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
it tell us many cases of food poisoning happen in Malaysia in 2007 alone 13,180 cases reported . maybe we are no aware about this matter to have safe and quality food to maintain our health.
in maintaining our health it is important food to be care from the early stage from the farm it self. from the plantation, then to consumer and how the food is prepare.
in praparing food safety precaution should be taken . and the process of maintaining standard of preparing food for consumer safety and quality. HACCP in implimented.
food must be cook in temperature above 70C and inside the food temperature must archive 70 C measured by termometer. and temperature in serving the food must be 63 C if low then the recomended temperature the germ will grow faster.

in HACCP, the sample will be taken from the raw food like vegetable and tested in lab to measure the safe level of chemical inside the vegetable.
The person who contribute in food industries espesially food handler advice to have vaccination of thyphoid it is to prevent the person become the carrier of thyphoid and prevent food poisoning .
It is important to all food handler to maintain cleanliness short nail,clean and tidy well cover hair, not smoking during preparing food also no ring and to maintain good storage of food to prevent contamination of food.small precaution will help us save our life for dying because of food poisoning. prevention is better than cure. remember ...