Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm in conflict Phase

Huh!..I really don't know What should I do now....... I have desire and dream to follow but this love make me unsure .. Should I or should not.. Should i left them all and don't look back. should I proceed and go I really in doubt.

I'm leaving without realizing my time getting short and shorter everyday I wish to go to KK but it seem impossible at this moment. Do I really have to do this great sacrifice leaving what I'm doing now for the dream that never end.

Should or should not leaving for trying , gambling for life that you never know. Leaving someone you love and well establish job. for wonderful offer but you never know the challenges.

Should or should not, Leaving every moment that you will always miss the most for being lonely and loneliness will be your best friend then .

maybe Allah know better...why I become the choosen one.
do i have strength to stand alone in the dessert when i will feel closer to him.

Should or should not ... I have to decide as soon as possible ..... time running so fast that you will never realize.
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