Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I make this blog of my refleective journal . As today i learned about Shock What is shock define in medical.What is feature. what is the Aetiolgy of Shock? What to do?.....
as we knew the primarhy function of cardiovascular sysytem is to maintain the perfussion of organs and tisues with oxigenated blood to ensure adequate cardiac output.

Shock mean the cardiovascular system failure resulting inadequate tissues perfusion and cause hypotension.

symptom: Cold ,sweaty, grey, vasocanstricted, hypotention(low blood pressure) loss of consioudness. decrease body temperature, low urine output(realted to low cardiac perfusionand lead to renal shutdown) finally it can lead to multi organ failure . related to poor cardiac perfusion

What can Cause Shock?
Shock happend when the person is on hypovolemia due to dehydration. hemorrhage, accident and burn cases. and sepsis. Cardiogenic cause by myocardial infaction valve distruption and myocardioal rupture e.g VSD
shochalso happen when there is mechanical obstruction such as pulmonary embolism cardiac tamponnede, and tension pneumothorax.
shaock also happend when there is altered in systemic vascular resistan such as sepsis, anemia, anaphylaxis( allergic reaction)
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