Friday, February 26, 2010

Break After Stressing Grey matter of my brain

Recently I was so busy and in i have been joining  my friends playing badminton and learn to play tennis, but I still to dam slow... unskillful and  i missed blogging, i take some picture around the area where I play, it just for fun and exercise to kept healthy how ever deep inside my heart I miss  Malaysia so much, After playing Badminton my friend introduce me with this Indian food.

this is the palace, located in azziyah street, jeddah know as Indian town also.
 I'm not use to eat but really nice, but they come in big portion ohw I can't finished, what a waste...

they give some rice and  roti canai as well , 

Next, day I went for tennis games, and I play for a while but the rest I spent to take picture of the are Hotel of Bilad, the beach is near by but i don't go.
 i just spend my time learning taking picture for close up,

 and I try several time,  it look like blurred , sometime,  but really interesting. 
this a break after stressing my brain with ACLS( Advance Cardio Life support)  exam.  
when we need mouth to mouth breath  huh.........
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