Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yesterday is my bad day.

I don't like to talk so much about my work in my blog. dam. I hate It.........but i really need to talk so we can  think.
 yesterday, i been called by  my head of nursing for the infection purpose, my name been listed for the infection related. is because of my practice ... i feel so ridiculous, and this all about paper base ...everything about paper...... but i don't mind very much because i know what i,m doing, who involved in handling the illness and how it is happened.  for me it part of the disease it self, and are they really realize that the  P stay in ICU  to long, and recently the P coming with very ill condition and multiple complication, To correct the practice and at the same time i feel that some people a  really  just fill the paper as they like. what ever. i know them, no matter how. no matter what, every health worker should alert  that, hand washing is always mandatory, gloving, and gowning always compulsory,and icu always full of infection. and we a struggling to control the infection......... i realized that  very much...espeacially, BSI, UTI, VAP and this actually the most importance infection and required serious intervention ,

 it make me angry some times, when i need to fill so many paper,  when i want to clean my cubicle and the items is dangling everywhere,and the set up up my ICU is not move_able, it fixed and for me it look they just do it as long they had and they put it. some time i think like they don,t think  and they don,t discuss to each other. some IPP also not practical , this obstacle sometime make me down and make me feel bad i don't archive satisfactory in my job. i hate it so much. and people talk more than doing they job..
since i came, my task always required me heavy intervention. my colleague always said " TOXIC"  I,m so toxic, but it  is ICU is .........hemodynamically  always not stable and dynamically changes.
 Then, communication is the other problem here, sometime  i really don,t understand what they want. but good sometimes, no hurt feeling.,OVR occurance of variance. some times it good but many time it  written by not a thinking person, just to cover them self. than pointing fault to other.and good thing , is sometime, used to cover up from legal aspect.
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