Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm not in planet earth

 Just imagine.. we are in another planet he he he....  people around us look alike but  very different, look like we are the same but very  different, we have same colour of blood but dam we still done understand each other  coz we are communicating using ET language.  ha ha ha... we may think that we already done as best what we can do , but yet we can not satisfied them, no matter you do good or how polite the language is   still we are the wrong ones and we are he guilty ones.  have you ever come into my situation. to tell the true is the most difficult but   it is true nothing only the true ha ha ha ..............just tell the true and be frank with what we do......... at the end of the day  just let the thing goes by the wind ....... using  this ET language every times people around will misunderstand you. just imagine how to communicated with Alien. say peace to the earth!...................  

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